Flight Over The Swamp

Flight Over The Swamp

 (Let nad močvarom)

A magnificient poem of the tragic love between two wild ducks. The suicidal sacrifice of the male for his female, we do not witness a hunting scene, but a real tragedy of the birds Romeo and Juliet. – Dusan Makavejev 1957

Production company: Slavija film, Belgrade, 1957
Screenplay: Aleksandar Petrović
Director: Aleksandar Petrović
Camera: J. Jovanović, S. Banović
Text (in voice-over): Vicko Raspor
Film editing: M. Levi
Editor: K. Haristiades
Harfa: V. Milanković
Tone recording: M. Nedić
Choice of music: Aleksandar Petrović
Set organizer: I. Gaj


Awards, honors, festivals:

  • L’Europe autour de l’Europe Festival, Paris-Normandy 2011
  • International Films Festival Cinema City, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2009 – Hommage to national auteur Aleksandar Sacha Petrović 
  • Europe around Europe Festival, Paris 2008
  • Documentary Film Festival of Rennes, November 17-22, 1992
  • Georges Pompidou Center, Paris, Yugoslav Cinema, 1986
  • Yugoslavian Short Film Festival in Belgrade, March 1960
  • London Film Festival
  • Moscow Film Festival
  • Edinburgh Film Festival
  • IV Pula Film Festival 1957: Critic’s Prize
  • Cannes International Film Festival 1957

Cannes Film Festival 1957: screening of Flight Over the Swamp


Press review:

 “This movie is a perfect poem about the love between two birds; with little words that all find their place and an excellent choice of music. We will never live Beethoven’s intimate Symphony Pastoral the same, accompanied by the images, the plot, the cinematic truth of an extraordinary experience that we share in this film. Mira Boglic “Vjesnik” 8/2/1057

“I really loved the poetry of the short yugoslavian film Flight Over The Swamp that naturalistically exposes the love between two wild ducks…” Georges Sadoul, Lettres francaises, Cannes Film Festival, 1957

Aleksandar Petrovic talks about Flight Over The Swamp

“By using real events, I attempted to create a documentary that is organized by the principals of a fiction film (at least on the dramaturgy and montage aspects), by also using plot, actors (the birds) and a vital truth, which all together allowed me to reach my goal.

This is what is significant for me and for the evolution of my work in Flight Over The Swamp: I started with a fact, a lived experience, a truth that was used to understand and define other more general truths, as is the order of life.

We are not on Earth to judge, we have to tell the truth, the heart and reason of the audience will hold the judgement.”

During the filming of Flight Over The Swamp

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